What is Model UN?


Advocate, Negotiate, Collaborate.

           Outside of General Assemblies, there is an additional committee type known as Crisis. Rather than simulating UN bodies and being composed of delegates representing nations, Crisis committees simulate a past, present, or future event where delegates often represent real people. These delegates have individual powers which can shape the committee, from organizing armies, levying international treaties, or manipulating the public through the media. 


Whatever path a student takes as a delegate in the world of Model UN, they will find countless opportunities to grow as a speaker, collaborate with others, and better understand the world around them. 

           Model United Nations is an activity where students take the role of delegates representing countries in several bodies of the United Nations. These delegates then spend hours if not days debating current global issues relevant to their specific body, such as the World Health Organization, UNICEF, and SPECPOL. Throughout the conference, delegates engage in moderated and unmoderated debate with others, incorporating the beliefs of the country they are representing into their own unique style of speech and argumentation. 

          As committees progress, delegates begin to cooperatively write working papers, with the goal of passing them as resolutions like those passed in sessions within the UN. These papers are meant to accurately detail the problem at hand and outline appropriate solutions to it. These papers are further debated, revised, and ultimately voted on. Known as General Assemblies, this committee type is the standard arrangement.

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Raise Your Placard is a volunteer organization founded by members of the Bronx Science Model United Nations Team.