Get Involved!

No contribution too small...

Raise Your Placard relies on support from others to continue its work across New York City. Any contribution to our organization gets our team closer and closer to making Model U.N. a more inclusive activity. Below, our team has outlined the several ways you can help achieve our vision for the Model U.N. community. Whether you are an experienced delegate hoping to volunteer for Raise Your Placard or an individual interested in building your own chapter, we provide various paths for involvement in our organization.

We are seeking donations to Raise Your Placard to help ease the costs of chapter management.Whether your donation funds a mock committee within our chapters or curriculum materials for an up and coming program, your generosity will make waves throughout our operations!

In volunteering for Raise Your Placard, you become a part of a network dedicated to making Model UN a more accessible activity. Volunteers will work with our chapters and use their experience in their activity to guide these programs! 

Engaging with our social media will enable us to expand our network. Consider visiting our Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram and sharing our pages!

If you are interested in partnering with Raise Your Placard and establish your own Model UN program, consider building a chapter! Through every step of the way, the Raise Your Placard Team will work hand-in-hand with you to build a successful program.