Empowering youth through 

Model United Nations.


We provide underserved schools with the resources and guidance necessary to build strong Model United Nations programs. 

Model UN challenges students to present ideas and solutions in engaging ways, promoting valuable public speaking and presentation skills.

Above all else, Model UN fosters a collaborative environment wherein students must work with others to resolve geopolitical issues.


       Though Model UN has become an outlet for those interested in international relations and geopolitical debate, there are socioeconomic barriers inherent to the activity that prevent participation from disadvantaged groups and underrepresented minorities. As a tool for global citizenship and empowerment, the stakes for exclusion within the Model UN community are too high — especially in this increasingly complex world. 

       At its core, Raise Your Placard aspires to bolster the accessibility of Model UN throughout New York City. Working hand-in-hand with partnering middle schools, the Raise Your Placard team provides the materials and guidance necessary to build strong Model UN programs. As Raise Your Placard grows within the Model UN community, the organization hopes to set a precedent for inclusivity in the United States and abroad.



Throughout the academic year, Raise Your Placard will coordinate visits to partnered middle schools to provide students with hands-on Model U.N. training. Beyond the classroom, the Raise Your Placard Team will travel with partnered middle schools to the conferences they attend for on-site coaching.

What We Do



One of the most valuable things students gain from Model U.N. is an understanding of geopolitical issues. Raise Your Placard strives to double down on this understanding through a unique curriculum that emphasizes relevant issues around the world.



As an organization committed to youth empowerment, Raise Your Placard hopes to spur personal growth within students beyond Model U.N. Through specialized workshops on topics ranging from the SHSAT to time management, Raise Your Placard hopes to empower the next generation of young adults.  


Chapter One 

"We are grateful to partner with an organization of motivated and experienced young people to support the launch of Model UN at MS 101."
-Hilda Blair, Faculty Advisor of the M.S. 101 Model UN Team
Last year, M.S. 101 partnered with Raise Your Placard to create its first chapter in the Bronx. Headed by Ms. Hilda Blair, the M.S. 101 Model UN Team has begun to recruit members for the next academic year. Raise Your Placard is excited to work with Ms. Blair and her team as they seek to participate in Model UN.